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Research Focal Areas

Renewable and Alternative Energy

Top Research Areas

Rewnewable Energy, Energy Conversion, Energy Storage

Research Cluster

Alternative and Renewable Energy

Sustainable Materials

Top Research Areas

Renewably sourced, close loop, non harmful alternatives;Additive manufacturing, High performance/unit mass

Research Cluster

Biomass Resources and Conversion Technologies

Sustainable Infrastructure

Top Research Areas

Sustainable buildings, Sustainable transportation systems Sustainable material systems, Sustainable supply chain systems

Research Cluster

Sustainable Infrastructure and Materials

Environmental Sustainability

Top Research Areas

Sustainable air quality, Waste management, Industrial processes, Climate change mitigation/adaptation, Sustainable geological processes

Research Cluster

Environmental Engineering

Water Resource Sustainability

Top Research Areas

Sustainable rivers and watersheds, Sustainable storm water management, Surface water hydrology, Watershed quality

Research Cluster

Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership

International Development

Top Research Areas

Water supply infrastructure sustainability, Information & communications technologies for development, Off-grid renewable energy technologies, Humanitarian technologies

Research Cluster

Villanova Engineering Service Learning – Graduate Fellowship for International Development & Sustainability

Selected Thesis Topics


Algal and Other Ways to Convert Digestate CO2 and Nutrients to Valuable Products

Renewably Sources and Compostable Foamed Packaging

Assessment of Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Biomimetic Ion Concentration Gradient Batteries

LCA of Unexploded Ordinance in Cambodia


Holistic Wastewater Treatment Assessment of Cajamarca, Peru and a Proposed Design to Achieve Energy Efficiency via Biogas Capture from Anerobic Digestion

Using a STEEP model to optimize Solar Home Systems in Bangladesh

Supply, Demand, and Performance for Gravity Driven Water Supply Systems in Rural Nicaragua

2014 and earlier

Performance Monitoring of Rural Community Water Systems

Barriers to Sustainable Progress: Haiti’s Struggle Towards Post-Disaster Redevelopment

Examination of Heavy Metal Leaching From 100% Coal Combustion Fly Ash Concrete

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