RISE Forum

RISE Forum

The RISE (Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering) Forum is the corporate consortium of Villanova University’s Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering. RISE is the only leadership forum dedicated to advancing the field of corporate sustainability through the discipline of engineering. Our mission is to accelerate the identification and application of data-driven solutions that will help our members increase the sustainability of their respective organizations. Our goal is to help executives apply the principles of sustainable engineering to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs, managing risk, fueling growth and enhancing reputation. RISE is both action-oriented—teaching companies how to apply innovative solutions—and rigorous—quantifying the risks and opportunities associated with a given solution. In short, we use the science of sustainable engineering to drive resilient innovation across the value chain.

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Corporate members of the RISE Forum will have access to faculty and graduate students who possess the requisite technical rigor to examine “real world” problems from a whole systems perspective and evaluate various technologies or operational innovations towards the identification of a truly sustainable solution.RISE will provide value to your company through an integrated network of dialogue, research and collaboration.

RISE Forum Meetings

Member Benefits

As a Member of the RISE Forum, your company will receive the following “Member Benefits” on an annual basis:

  • Attendance (2 representatives) at the semiannual (fall and spring) RISE Forum meetings
  • A sustainable engineering study performed by graduate student teams
  • A faculty consultation session (four-hour) at your facility
  • Company name and logo on RISE Forum website
  • Access to materials and MSSE student resume book via members only area of RISE Forum website

MSSE Program

Villanova University’s Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering (MSSE) is one of the only graduate engineering programs in the country training future technical leaders to apply a whole systems approach to problem-solving through a life cycle lens. Our program is defined by its interdisciplinary orientation—Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering—and its highly applied research tracks: Energy, Watersheds, Environment, Materials and Infrastructure.

“Enough, for All, Forever.”

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RISE Forum members will have access to applied research projects aligned with the five tracks. Specific areas of focus include Renewable and Alternative Energy, Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Buildings and Transportation Systems, Environment and Climate Change, and Watershed Resources. Selected studies conducted by MSSE faculty and students will be presented at the Forum. Opportunities to collectively sponsor joint research projects by Forum members will also available.

Upcoming RISE Forums

RISE Forum Events focus on critical sustainability issues affecting industry, and provide members with opportunities for cross-sector benchmarking and peer-to-peer networking.

There are currently no scheduled events.

Student Projects

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