Ross Lee, PhD

Sustainable Engineering PhD Coordinator and Professor of Practice

(610) 519-8349


Dr. Ross Lee is responsible for the Sustainable Engineering Graduate Program’s sustainable materials track, which includes the core sustainable materials and design course, a cross-disciplinary biomimicry course and a graduate chemical engineering course in sustainable industrial chemistry. Dr. Lee also has advised more than 14 master’s thesis students, including four Fulbright scholars. He also helped to develop the first-of-its-kind PhD Program in Sustainable Engineering and established a unique, collaborative internship with the College of Engineering’s Engineering Entrepreneurship Program. Dr. Lee is senior consultant for HAVI, a global supply chain solutions provider for the food and packaging industry and chief science advisor and board member for Exothermix, a privately held company that develops and manufactures portable heating solutions, which is based upon a technology he co-invented. Prior to joining Villanova, Dr. Lee worked for DuPont for 36 years in a variety of positions. He helped develop DuPont’s alliances with Plantic Technologies for a renewably-sourced and biodegradable material, and Scanbuy for an interactive mobile platform to enable packing technology innovations. Dr. Lee has authored or coauthored 26 patents and publications. He has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Michigan State University and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Rochester.