Iain Hunt

Initiative Manager, Sustainable Engineering for International Development



Iain Hunt has 10 years of experience working in the international development sector in various capacities, including seven years of field experience. Hunt served with the Peace Corps, first in Jamaica, where he was assigned to an NGO responsible for managing a coastal protected area, and later in the Dominican Republic, where he coordinated the development of rural drinking water supply projects. He spent three years as program manager for the NGO Water for Waslala in Nicaragua, where he supervised on-the-ground operations dedicated to providing drinking water access to communities in a remote region of the country. Hunt earned his MS in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova and his thesis research focused on the sustainability of community-managed piped water networks in rural Nicaragua. As Manager of the Sustainable Engineering for International Development Initiative, Hunt works closely with the Villanova Engineering Service Learning Program to build relationships with in-country NGO partners around the world engaged in local development projects and programs.